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New Puppet Show for Summer 2011

New Puppet Show for Summer 2011

Swazzle is now taking bookings for its new summer puppet show,?Dream Carver.


Dream Carver is a 45-minute bilingual, musical puppet show based on the children?s book of the same name by Diana Cohn and illustrated by Amy Cordova. The book was inspired by the life of Manuel Jim?nez, who pioneered the now-famous Oaxacan style of woodcarving.

Dream Carver tells the story of Mateo, a young wood carver growing up in Oaxaca, Mexico. Mateo’s father has taught him to carve small wooden toys in the traditional way. One day as Mateo is sitting under a large tree, he dreams of fantastic, brightly colored animals. Feeling that his father doesn?t support him in his creative endeavor, he secretly sets out to create the animals he saw in his dream.

After several failed attempts and some self-doubt, Mateo eventually creates a whimsical animal carving that looks like the ones he imagined. Mateo continues to carve animal after animal. Emboldened by his new creations, Mateo enlists the help of his family to paint the animal carvings in vibrant colors. His father becomes his biggest supporter, and he helps Mateo sell the carvings at the annual Day of the Dead celebration.

Dream Carver features a cast of handmade, full-body puppets. When Mateo dreams, the audience will be transported to a magical world where brightly colored animals play and interact in fun and entertaining ways. The animals in Mateo?s dream are carved out of foam and painted to resemble Oaxacan woodcarvings come to life.

The show includes three original songs that deliver the message of the show: Think creatively and don?t be afraid to try new things, never give up, and follow your dreams.

Please contact Swazzle at or 866-792-9953 to schedule a performance at your library.



  • Amy Cordova says:

    I am completely thrilled to see this ! Thank you for having the vision to bring our sweet work to life !!!
    It would be a magical dream to be able to come to a performance ! All the very BEST to you in your DREAMCARVER endeavor !

  • seanjohnson000 says:

    We would be thrilled if you could make it to one of our public shows! We’ll be touring Southern California libraries this summer and schools in the fall. We also plan to bring the show to performing arts venues.

  • Puppet Shows says:

    This would be amazing.
    Please post videos if possible!


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