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Swazzle’s Halloween Show Offers Tricks and Treats!

Swazzle’s Halloween Show Offers Tricks and Treats!

Musical Monster Mash-Up tells the story of a lonely mad scientist, who has no friends to go trick-or-treating with.

In the opening song, the scientist declares, that she will “build a bestie” for Halloween. This idea sends her on a wacky adventure in search of body parts. She meets a jack-o’-lantern in a pumpkin patch who gives him a bag o’ heads, a mummy in a graveyard who gives him a bunch of bodies, and a witch in a haunted house who gives him a cauldron full of eyes, ears and noses.

The mad scientist brings the parts back to his lab, where he enlists the audience to help him arrange the pieces. This high-energy, interactive aspect of the show will involve every member of the audience as they vote for their favorite head, body and face to create a Halloween monster that has never been seen before. Each monstrous creation will be photographed and posted on Swazzle?s Facebook page, allowing audience members to share their monster with friends.

Musical Monster Mash-Up features puppets designed by Patrick Johnson and built by Patrick, Johnson Sean Johnson, and Russ Walko. The puppets have a very different design than those in any other Swazzle show. Each character is based on a single shape for a simple, graphic look. For example, the werewolf body parts are made up of cubes and squares – even the eyes are square – while the witch is built out of triangles, with a triangle nose, body and hat.

In keeping with the show’s simplicity, all the elements; puppets, props and backgrounds, are varying shades of orange, green and purple.

To schedule a performance of Musical Monster Mash-Up for a party or an event, please e-mail Swazzle at or call 866-792-9953.


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