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Interactive Puppet Show on Tour

Interactive Puppet Show on Tour

Swazzle’s new interactive family puppet show, The Court Jester and the Story Dreamers, is NOW PLAYING at libraries across Southern California. The show tells the story of a talented jester who feels unfulfilled as the biggest clown in the kingdom. He comes from a proud line of storytellers and yearns to be the official storyteller to the Queen.

Using a magic spell passed down by his great grandfather, the jester summons the Story Dreamers, magical beings who exist in a mysterious realm behind what is known as the Fourth Wall (a.k.a., the audience). With the help of the Story Dreamers and his little mouse buddy, Claude, the jester sets out to tell the greatest story ever told.

The Court Jester and the Story Dreamers is packed with?silly characters and?physical humor that will delight young members of the audience, along with clever wordplay that will charm adults.?Throughout the show, the Story Dreamers are given choices as to the direction of the story?like?whether a brave knight rides an ostrich, a unicorn or a dinosaur?and they are encouraged to yell “aye” for their favorites.?This makes every performance unique!



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