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New Amazon Pilot Features Puppet Segment Produced by Swazzle

New Amazon Pilot Features Puppet Segment Produced by Swazzle

Little Big Awesome, a hilarious and imaginative animated pilot produced by Amazon Studios and Hollywood based animation company Titmouse, and directed by Sung Jin Ahn, features a puppet segment produced by Glendale based puppet company Swazzle Inc. The new pilot which premiered on June 17, 2016, is part of the 2016 Amazon Prime Pilot Season.

Little Big Awesome

The stars of “Little Big Awesome”, Gluko and Lennon.


Gluko and Lennon visit Gluko's Grandma and are transformed from animation to puppets in this puppet segment produced by Swazzle Inc.

Gluko and Lennon visit Gluko’s Grandma and are transformed from animation to live action puppets in this puppet segment of “Little Big Awesome” produced by Swazzle Inc.

In the puppet piece produced by Swazzle Inc., Gluko, a large pink jelly like creature and his small round purple friend, Lennon visit Gluko’s Grandma’s house. Once Gluko and Lennon voiced by veteran voice artists Fred Tatasciore and James Arnold Taylor, enter Grandma’s front door, they are transformed from 2-D animation into live action foam and fleece covered puppets. Their former cartoon world is realized as a beautiful practice set. During the scene, we meet Grandma, a peach colored round ball with white yarn hair and big glasses who loves rolling on the floor. We also meet a mischievous crew of cute, fuzzy live kittens (yes they are real, and yes they are adorable!). The kittens are more then they appear however, and in short order they begin destroying Grandma’s house – they refuse to stop until they get their Kitty Num Nums!

Gluko and Lennon

Gluko and Lennon built puppets and performed by Sean and Patrick Johnson.

A gang of real kittens destroy Grandma's house. Working with the kittens proved challenging but also adorable.

Working with four live kittens proved challenging but also adorable.

The kitten leader had fabricated kitten paws that were built by Swazzle Inc. The paws were performed against a green screen and comped over the live kitten footage.

The kitten leader with fabricated kitten paws that were built by Swazzle Inc.


Titmouse’s specialty is animation, so they reached out to Swazzle to create the puppets and produce the live action segment. Swazzle co-owners Sean and Patrick Johnson built the puppets based on the character designs, and master puppet costumer, Carol Binion created the costumes. For the physical set and props, Swazzle called upon talented production designer, Brett Snodgrass. For production support, Swazzle turned to frequent creative production partners Chris Hanada and Tanner Kling of Retrofit Films. The piece was shot by Director of Photraphy and longtime Swazzle collaborator Matt Schleicher. The puppeteers for the segment were, Sean Johnson as Gluko, Patrick Johnson as Lennon and Artie Esposito as Grandma.

Little Big Awesome is now streaming on Amazon Prime. If you like the pilot, you can help it become a full series. Visit, fill out the quick survey and show your support.


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