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Professional Production Services

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Are you looking for a custom designed puppet for your production? You’re in the right place! At Swazzle Inc. we offer a wide variety of professional services including Puppet Design, Puppet Building, Puppeteers, Directors and More!

Contact us for a Quote! 866-792-9953,


Swazzle creates custom puppet characters for film, television, online entertainment, and live theater. Our team of professional puppet designers, puppet builders, puppeteers, and puppet directors can take your project from inception to completion.

Bring us a finalized design, a scribble on a napkin, or just an idea and we will develop a unique puppet design that is customized to your production.

We start by drawing a series of concept sketches based on the client?s direction. These include numerous variations on body and head shape, facial features and color palette. After a rough concept is selected, the design is refined and becomes a blueprint for the puppet builders.


We offer a transparent puppet-building process that includes the client as a creative collaborator. Using soft foam, the puppet builders turn the design into a full-scale, three-dimensional mockup. This allows everyone to get a sense of how the final puppet will look and move. After the mockup is approved, building begins.

Swazzle is dedicated to using the best puppet-building materials acquired from a variety of specialty shops in Los Angeles, New York and beyond. The client is asked to approve the materials to guarantee that the colors and textures fit the project?s unique vision.

Swazzle keeps the client abreast of the building progress via e-mail, Skype chats, and visits to the workshop.


Swazzle’s talented puppeteers have worked with leading entertainment companies including The Jim Henson Company, Muppets Studio, The Walt Disney Company, and Comedy Central. Our puppeteers have extensive monitor training, and they can work from voice tracks or create original character voices.


Swazzle?s team has extensive video-production experience. Our directors understand the unique challenges presented by a puppet shoot. During preproduction, they work closely with the client to break down the script in order to devise intelligent and cost-effective solutions for difficult shots. Our directors also have a deep understanding of the specific challenges faced by puppeteers on the set. During production, they will clearly translate ideas to the puppeteers to elicit the best performance possible while keeping the shoot moving at a brisk pace. During post-production, our directors work with the client and the editor to select the best takes with an eye toward strong puppet performance and a focus on good storytelling.

Swazzle also has an extensive list of creative collaborators, including writers, directors of photography, and editors.

Puppet and production prices vary depending upon the complexity of the project.
Please call or e-mail us for a quote, 866-792-9953,

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